E-Books Policy Issues - OECD Report

OECD has recently released a report on developments in the E-book marketplace, with an emphasis on policy issues. This is a topic our community is looking into. See the report here.  

Fed Strike Deal With Apple to Sell Some Publications as eBooks

Looking for a copy of the appendix to the budget of the United States? It’s now available on iTunes. The Government Printing Office has signed an agreement with Apple, Inc. to sell some federal publications in e-book form for iPads, eReaders, PCs, and Macs. “This is kind of where GPO is going,” said Gary Somerset, spokesman for the agency, which announced the agreement last week. “We’ve moved beyond ink or paper.” GPO began its move into e-books with Google’s eBookstore in late 2010. The GPO also makes e-books available in partnership with Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, Ingram, Zinio, and other online vendors.
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