The LIST Committee is tasked with preparing a Triennial Strategic Plan (TSP) to TRB in which it critically evaluates its performance over the last three years and sets down plans for next 3-7 years. The TSP also provides an overview of the health, relevancy, and key issues facing the committee and the transportation information environment in its "Future Outlook Statement".

After reviewing the TSP, the LIST committee members agreed that the "Future Outlook Statement" by itself was an important document that needed to be shared with the community at large and urged the outgoing chair, Ken Winter, to publish it as a stand-alone document which you can read here: The Landscape for Transportation Information Professionals, 2012


Sad news

The UNC Highway Safety Research Center shared with the LIST Committee the sad news of the passing of a dear friend and long-time colleague Mary Ellen Tucker. Mary Ellen was an important part of the HSRC team for 19 years as well as being active in SLA and for the last few years an active member of the LIST Committee.   Her obituary can be found at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newsobserver/obituary.aspx?n=mary-e-tucker&pid=157108477.

Roberto Sarmiento Is Next Chair of ABG40

Roberto Sarmiento, Director of the Transportation Library at Northwestern University, has accepted an appointment as incoming Chair of TRB’s ABG40 (Library and Information Science for Transportation) Committee.  His term runs from April 15, 2012 through April 14, 2015.   Most of you know Roberto well, as he has been a high-achieving member of our committee since 2005 and an active member of B0002, TRB’s Information Services Committee since 2004.    Roberto has long been recognized as one of the most talented information professionals in the transportation sector, and he has served in more leadership positions with library-related organizations and initiatives than I can easily recount here.  In his new capacity as LIST Chair Roberto brings experience and leadership that will greatly advance the work of our committee.   CLICK HERE... to congratulate Roberto! 


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