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Matt Barrett, Los Angeles MTA, originally posted a copy of their list of transportation and transportation-related acronyms, dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauri guides to the SLA Transportation Division electronic list. Several contributors posted additional resources that were incorporated to create an enhanced list and a new subject list was also developed.

The TRB LIST Committee is delighted to make both lists available to the transportation community and deeply thanks Matt and all other contributors.

TRB Publications

LIST Committee Whitepapers

The Landscape for Transportation Information Professionals. 2012 by Ken Winter.
The LIST Committee is tasked with preparing a Triennial Strategic Plan (TSP) to TRB in which it critically evaluates its performance over the last three years and sets down plans for next 3-7 years. The TSP also provides an overview of the health, relevancy, and key issues facing the committee and the transportation information environment in its "Future Outlook Statement".

Preliminary Report on the 2011 National Transportation Knowledge Network Cataloging and Metadata Initiative Survey by Paul R. Burley, Northwestern University Transportation Library

A Collection Development Policy Template Proposal for Transportation Libraries by Roberto A. Sarmiento and Jennifer Boteler. 

Includes a collection development policy template and guidelines for using the template, as well as examples.

Examples of using the template:

Gifts Management for Transportation Libraries: Observations and Recommendations for Donors and Librarians by Roberto A.  Sarmiento (Feburary 2011)

This paper provides broad guidelines, observations and recommendations for donors and librarians to develop a mutual understanding and expectations regarding donations, clarify collection's types, recommend steps for offering gifts, observations on why gifts are declined or accepted, alternative options for gift offers, and steps donors and libraries can take to prepare to ship and receive gifts.

Other LIST Committee publications can be found in the archives.


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