Library and Information Science for Transportation (ABG40) Annual Meeting Agenda

Event Date:                Monday, January 13, 2014, 1:30 – 5:30 PM

Event Location:         Hilton, Columbia Hall


1:30-1:40 Welcome and member introductions (R. Sarmiento, All)

1:40-1:50 Announcements (ALL)

1:50-1:55 Approval of October 2013 Minutes. See minutes here (R. Sarmiento)

1:55-2:05 Chair’s update and future plans (R. Sarmiento)

2:05-2:10 LIST Membership Drive (RAS)

2:10-2:25 Literature Review Project Update (R. Sarmiento +)

2:25-2:35 NTL updates (A. Wilson)

2:35-2:45 TRB Announcements (J. Bryant)

2:45-3:15 Gray Literature: Focusing Discussion (Bob Sweet, Introduction. See additional talking points developed by Rita Evans and Kendra Levine)

3:15-3:30 Break

3:30-4:15 Paper Presentation:  Evolution of Data Creation, Management, Publication, and Curation in the Research Process by Lisa D. Zilinsky, et al. Purdue University

4:15-4:30 Committee Research Coordinator Update (CRC) (S. Sillick & D, Jared)

4:30-4:45 Program Ideas and Brainstorming Session for TRB Annual 2015 (All)

4:45-4:55 LIST’s role in public access plans for research reports and open data (M. Moulton)

4:55-5:05 TRB Information Services Activities Update (L. Loyo)

5:05-5:15 International Information Update (B. Sandstedt)

5:15-5:20 International Access of US Resources Project Update (R. Sarmiento)

5:20-5:25 TRB - Access to International Transportation Research Information Conference Update

(R. Sarmiento)

5:25-5:30 Other Business

5:30 Meeting Adjourns

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