SWOV New Knowledge Centre

Dear colleagues,

From the Netherlands, I wish you all the very best for 2014. I also would like to bring you good news: the SWOV Library Portal is on-line.

The SWOV library is transforming into a large knowledge centre. Since December 2013, the SWOV Library Portal is on-line.

All publications on road safety and related areas can be found by using the Library Portal.
Access is not only provided to the SWOV publications, but also to relevant collections in other countries all around the world.

After registration the Library Portal can be used free of charge. (To use the Portal, you do not necessarily need to register, but it offers many more goodies if you do. Like, for example, export to Endnote, create your own library, etc..)

Have fun and spread the word, please.

Kind regards,

Mrs. C.D. van den Braak
senior librarian / information specialist
SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research - P.O. Box 93113 NL-2509 AC The Hague The Netherlands - T +31 70 317 33 07 / F +31 70 320 12 61 

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