Survey: TRID and Reference Management Tools

This Fall TRB will hold a Webinar related to TRID and reference management tools (like Endnote or Zotero), and Bill McLeod and I are working on our presentation materials for that event. 

To better understand how personnel who work at transportation libraries and information centers use citation management tools, we are conducting a brief survey. 

Please respond by going here:

The introductory Webinar will provide brief demonstrations of how TRID users can save time, reduce duplicated effort, and maximize search results through the use of reference management software.

You may have heard of this kind of software referred to as “citation management software” or “bibliographic management software” and you may have heard of or used one of the more popular systems (like Endnote, Refworks), or one of dozens of other citation management tools:

We anticipate a broad demographic for the Webinar, including researchers, students, library personnel and TRID users of all types.

Responding takes only 1-2 minutes, is a anonymous, and will help ensure the Webinar addresses your needs along with those of other TRID users.

The survey will close at 5:00 p.m. Eastern, July 31, 2013 and summary results of the survey will later be posted to TRANLIB.


We welcome multiple responses from an organization, but request only one response per individual.


Thank you!

Bill McLeod (TRB Library)

Ken Winter (VDOT Research Library)

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