Google Adds Graphical Calculator To Results Screen

According to an article in the tech section, Google has added a graphical math calculator to plot search results, a clear rejoinder to Wolphram Alpha's advanced math skills/mapping function.   That means you can now type basic and complex math functions into the Google search box and Google will return some pretty nifty graphics.   Example: Here's the plot for x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5) in Google Example: Here's the same graph in Wolphram Alpha   I was highly amused to notice two things: 1. Google puts it's graph ahead of the Wolphram Alpha result for that graph. 2. Though they're not so cheeky to supress the WA answer, google does not enable the "preview" function for WA.   I guess it's a search-engine-eat-search-engine world.
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