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List of acronyms, dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauri guides

Last week Matt Barrett, Los Angeles MTA, posted a copy of their list of transportation and transportation-related acronyms, dictionaries, glossaries, and thesauri guides to the SLA Transportation Division electronic list. Several list subscribers posted additional resources and these have now been incorporated to create an enhanced list and a new subject list was developed as well. 

The TRB LIST Committee is delighted to make both lists available to the transportation community and deeply thanks Matt and all other contributors.            

Go here to see the lists.           

New Report Provides First Public Appraisal of Digging into Data Challenge

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) today issued the report, One Culture. Computationally Intensive Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries JCDL 2012 conference in Washington, DC.

Sad news

The UNC Highway Safety Research Center shared with the LIST Committee the sad news of the passing of a dear friend and long-time colleague Mary Ellen Tucker. Mary Ellen was an important part of the HSRC team for 19 years as well as being active in SLA and for the last few years an active member of the LIST Committee.   Her obituary can be found at

Today's TLR Presentation - DATA Resources

At today's TLR presentation - which was on data management and curation - a lively exchange of web resources was going on during the Q & A segment. Here are some of the comments and sites from participants: Amanda Wilson: Harnessing the Power of Digital Data for Science and Society report: Bob Sweet: See Purdue Libraries' data curation profiles toolkit. Andy: also see both California Digital Library and Purdue Library are members John Cherney: A few examples of data management plans: Amanda Wilson: Johns Hopkins is attempting something like that, Roberto: Rita Evans: From the California Digital Library (CDL) - The Biosciences Library at UC Berkeley put a page together on Data Depositories in the Life Science to help researchers comply with NSF requirements; something all of us could do??

Columbia Panelists Urge Vigorous Exercise of Fair Use

Library Journal article reporting on meeting held earlier this week to discuss copyright issues. Bottom line: we need to be more aggresive in labeling items as "fair use" when selecting materials for digitization. Read full article at


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