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Video and content from the Data Information Literacy Symposium held at Purdue University in September 2013 has been fully archived and is now available for viewing at

The DIL Symposium was a component of the Data Information Literacy Project and was comprised of presentations, exercises and discussions about roles for practicing librarians in teaching competencies in data management and curation.  Attendees of the Symposium developed strategies for creating instructional programs suitable for the needs of the students and faculty at their respective institutions.

Visitors to the site can view or download:

* DIL Scenario Exercises<>

* Presentations and Discussions<>

* Posters<>

* DIL Competencies Exercise<>

* DIL Program Assessment Exercise<>

We hope you find this resource useful and encourage you to share it with others who might be interested.

The DIL Project team

More information about the Data Information Project can be found on our website:<>.



LIST 2014 Meeting Documents

Dear LIST Member,

 I am happy to announce that thanks to an incredible job performed by Rita Evans and Kendra Levine we have now access to:

 1-      A draft for the Jan. 2014 meeting minutes as well as, links to accompanying documents

2-      The papers by Lisa Zilinski, et al, and Ken Winter

3-       The committee sponsored presentations by Ken Winter, Chris Pringle and Roberto Sarmiento

 Thank you all for participating in 2013 and l look forward to working with you on 2014.



Roberto A. Sarmiento

TRB-LIST Committee Chair, 2012-2015


TRB Key Transportation Research Achievements Report

The Key Transportation Research Achievements submitted by more than 80 committees have now been posted on the TRB website ( We will be offering all committees the opportunity to add to or provide updates to this database in the coming months.

Happy reading!

New Study Identifies Half-Life of Journal Articles

How do you judge how much a scientific study or academic article has been used? You can see how frequently it’s cited, but since researchers and academics read and are influenced by plenty of things that don’t get formally checked in their work, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Researcher Philip Davis is trying to provide some new answers to that question by taking a look at ‘usage half-life,’ in an effort to learn more about the academic publishing life cycle....

Reeas the full article at


MnDOT Library's Valuation/Return on Investment study

MnDOT Library staff were engaged in a 7-month study to determine our value to our parent organization, the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  The study was a follow-up to and implementation of Proving Your Library’s Value: a Toolkit for Transportation Librarians.   The toolkit was a 2013 product of the Transportation Library Connectivity and Development Pooled Fund Study.

Our study findings were published in an 8-page report.  In addition to the report, we created a website that includes a copy of the report and some supporting materials, including the definitions of the ROI measures that we used.  The webpage is available at:

Our goal was to create an informative document that draws the reader in and presents mundane information (statistics) in an interesting and understandable way – and we feel we accomplished this goal.  Our findings were presented to upper managers who loved the report, found it easy to read (and read the whole thing),  and appreciated the analysis and great information it provided. 

In addition to library staffers Jim Byerly, Pam Gonzalez, Karen Neinstadt, Danae Ostroot, Qin Tang, and Marilee Tuite, I would like to acknowledge and thank Kathleen Bedor, President of Law Library Consultants – our consultant on the project, and Chris Foote – Modern Design Group – our creative consultant who developed our report.

Sheila Hatchell

Director, MnDOT Library


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