Call for Posters: Open Data in Transportation

Call Title

Open Data in Transportation
For the Trasportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting, January 13-17 2013

Sponsoring Committee

ABG40 Committee on Library and Information Science for Transportation (LIST)

Call Description

The Committee on Library and Information Science for Transportation (LIST) invites you to submit proposals for a poster session focusing on open data projects and initiatives that improve access to information, enable more robust research, and allow for more informed decision making. Posters will be displayed at the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, January 2013.


The LIST committee is issuing a call for posters related to open data research and projects within the transportation community. As we are better able to collect, archive, analyze, and make data sets publicly available, we would like to provide a venue within the Transportation Research Board to discuss the state of the field.


In recent years several government organizations have begun sharing their data sets with the public, such as the initiative from the White House, the Alaska DOT Transportation Information Group, or San Francisco’s Data Portal. As new technology has made data collection and archiving much easier, people have come to expect access to that data. The poster session will focus on varied aspects of open data programs and projects throughout the transportation community. From agencies, the research community, to public interest groups and app developers, posters will highlight new and innovative projects highlighting how open data has been used and what level of editing, analyzing and aggregation is needed to make the data usable. The session will also show the challenges and pitfalls of open data programs, such as staffing and hardware costs, as well as licensing and liability, and their solutions.

The audience for this session is broad, including all transportation stakeholders: state DOT practitioners and decision makers, universities, and practitioners or consultants interested in recent advances in the access of data and information to save time and improve the quality of transportation research and practice. Please review TRB's guidelines for poster presenters.

(Note: A paper is not required for this session, an exception being extended for this call by TRB). However, please submit a PDF image of the entire poster or a Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt) of multiple slides summarizing the poster files and information from the poster session will be posted on the LIST committee website.

About LIST

The Library and Information Science for Transportation Committee (ABG40) serves as a forum for transportation librarians and the transportation research community on developments in information science and their applicability to transportation. The committee facilitates diffusion of national library and information science innovations throughout the transportation community by monitoring the use of new resources and tools in the transportation arena, defining critical research and training issues relating to their implementation, and promoting the benefits of these capabilities.

Call Organizer

Kendra K. Levine ( (510) 643-3348

We will accept poster proposal ideas submitted by or on behalf of government or education agencies. Please submit an abstract with enough detail to review your proposal to review committee chair Kendra K. Levine (

We will convene a working group of reviewers to judge submissions and notify those selected in late September. We require an abstract for each poster selected.  Those selected must present in person at TRB, however, partnering with colleagues is encouraged. 


Submit your poster proposals no later than Friday, September 7, 2012 by sending them to: Kendra K. Levine (

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